Companionship short film

Quick stats about the movie

An over-worked and under-loved woman tires of the dating scene and tries using a new dating app which promises its users that they will “never be alone again.”

Creative team

Writers: Alex Loubert, Jordan Gray
Directors: Alex Loubert, Zach Ramelan
Producer: Anna Jane Edmonds

Filmmakers’ statements

Alex Loubert: For me, this film was all about taking my next steps in the evolution of my cinematic career. I have worked as a PA, an AD and an actor, and I decided to take my fate into my own hands and start making my own content. This was a labour of love, a creation with many mothers and fathers and I was thrilled to be part of it.

Zach Ramelan: For years science fiction has captivated me because of its ability to predict and exaggerate our future society. So, when Alex Loubert approached me with Companionship I immediately signed on, intrigued by the universe we were going to build together.

Each step of the way I was completely blown away by the hard work and dedication our creative team provided. Any idea felt achievable, from creating massive visual effects on billboards to designing a futuristic apartment. This movie is a fine example of collaborative creativity conquering any obstacle in its way, and that’s what film is all about.

To me, Companionship is more than just a film, it is a universe of possibilities. Every time I watch the movie, I make up new technology, characters and stories in that reality. It’s a fun world to explore, and I’m so damn happy I got to play in it.

About Alex Loubert

Alex Loubert

Alex Loubert is an actor, writer and director. This is the first film in which he has combined all three of his passions into one film.

About Zach Ramelan

Zach Ramelan

Zach Ramelan is an award-winning independent filmmaker from Ontario. From the age of 17, Zach has pursued his passion as a full-time filmmaker through editing and directing.

He has created several awarding-winning short films, music videos and feature films. His music videos have enabled him to collaborate with international artists such as Sixx AM and FlyLeaf.

After the success and global distribution of his feature film, Dead Rush, Zach is looking forward to working on his next big project.

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