Jeremy and Margot Make a Baby

Jeremy and Margot Make a Baby

Quick stats about the movie

Jeremy and his boyfriend Cruz want to have a baby. Their friend Margot, who may or may not be in love with Jeremy, is going to be their surrogate. What could possibly go wrong?

A short comedic piece with a lot of heart and maybe a little heartbreak at its centre.

Creative team

Writer: Clara Altimas
Director: Daniel Beirne
Producers: Mark Waters, Christopher Hayes, Clara Altimas, Ian Macmillan

Filmmaker’s statement

I fell in love with Clara’s script and knew that with her and Chris acting all I had to do was serve that talent and allow it to shine through as best as possible.

I want their charm, chemistry and humour to affect the audience as much as it does me.

About Daniel Beirne

Daniel Beirne

Based in Toronto, Dan studied film production at Concordia University in Montreal.

Dan has a background in acting and improvisation, which informs his directing style.

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