Quick stats about the movie

Two strangers struggle for an honest connection during a chance encounter at a café.

Creative team

Writer: Sarah Deakins
Director: Jason R. Goode
Producer: Dylan Jenkinson

Filmmaker’s statement

“I’m always interested in the dance of intimacy between people: the give and take, the reaching out and withdrawing, the risking and the hiding. This can happen between close friends and family and – as is the case with Late – it can happen between strangers.

Why can an encounter between strangers have high stakes? Is it rejection we fear? We meet someone new and think they, above all people, can give us the feeling of acceptance we want?

Whatever the reason, the stakes are high in Late as our two main characters try to make a connection in the few minutes of stolen time they create by being late for their next appointment. And my hope isn’t so much to comment on how an encounter like this should go but rather to observe and participate in the ways that we, in our own flawed ways, reach out for the Other.”

About Jason R. Goode

Jason’s directorial work includes the short films The Hitchhiker, Pop Switch and The Planting.

His most recent short film Late was selected by Telefilm Canada for its Not Short On Talent Program at Cannes 2012. He also recently directed John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, receiving a Jessie Award nomination for best direction.

Jason is actively developing his first feature film Numb with producing partner Dylan Jenkinson.

Jason holds a masters degree from Regent College, Vancouver. He lives in White Rock, BC with his wife and three daughters.

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