Mimi and Me


Quick stats about the movie

A teenage wallflower turns to her hard-drinking, shut-in grandma for sex advice.

Creative team

Writer/director: Marly Reed
Producers: Marly Reed, Nancy Shaw

Filmmaker’s statement

I’m really fascinated by those cringe-worthy coming-of-age experiences. Everyone has them – the ones that make you want to die in the moment but become badges of honor later in life, stories to laugh over with your friends at parties.

This story (which, I should say, is NOT based on any real experience) was invented as back-story for the protagonist in my feature script but when I decided to make a short with the same characters, this felt like a nice little self-contained adventure.

About Marly Reed


Since graduating from Simon Fraser University’s film program, Marly Reed has written and directed several award-winning short films.

Mimi and Me premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2013 and won first place in the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival’s Legacy Awards.

Her first feature script, also titled Mimi and Me, is set to shoot in summer 2015.

Marly currently serves as director of development for Blake Corbet Productions.

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