Funding cuts to the national training schools

Further to the open letter that NSI, CFC and L’INIS sent last week to Minister Josée Verner, we’re asking all friends of NSI to send a copy of this same letter to their individual Member of Parliament and to help in other ways.

We’re working to get our message out nationally that training by the national schools greatly benefits Canadian writers, directors and producers; directly grows the film, television and digital media sectors; and contributes to the economy and cultural landscape at large. But we need your help to lobby regionally.

What to do

1. Find your Member of Parliament then scroll down to see their email address.

2. Create an email with subject line: “National Training Schools Funding Cuts”

3. Address your message to “Dear Mr./Ms. (insert full Member of Parliament name here)” and copy and paste the following text:

I am in full support of the Department of Canadian Heritage investing in the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI), the Canadian Film Centre and the Institut national de l’image et du son through the National Training Program in the Film and Video Sector.

Please find attached an open letter recently sent by the national schools to Minister Josée Verner protesting her department’s cancellation of this critical and successful program for the training of young Canadian writers, directors and producers across the country.

4. Add a PDF attachment of the open letter to your email. Save a copy of this PDF to your computer and then add it to your email.

5. If possible, please include an additional note about how the NSI or any of these institutions have positively impacted your career and company, demonstrating the need for their continued support.

Want to do more?

You can really make an impact by telling your story. Talk about these issues on your blog. Add links to your Facebook page. Make a video and post it to YouTube. Comment online when you’re visiting news sites.

Contact your local media. Call any contacts you have at your local newspaper or arts paper and local television stations. Or write letters to the editors. Local stories about the value and results of the training delivered by the national schools is what government most needs to hear.

Your support matters

Thank you very much. The National Screen Institute greatly appreciates your support.

A grassroots campaign is our most effective option if we hope to communicate the damage that will be done through the cancellation of the National Training Program in the Film and Video Sector and reverse these funding cuts.

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