Marketing and distributing your film – why you should create a crew position to handle this work

In his book Think Outside the Box Office filmmaker Jon Reiss introduces the idea of a new crew position: Producer of marketing and distribution.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of Jon’s book, check out this article on his website which he wrote for Screen Daily. In it, Jon sets out the responsibilities of this crew member.

Jon says: In my first guest column for Screen Daily in November of last year, I introduced what I call the new 50/50. This idea is to convey to filmmakers that half of their work is making the film, half of their work is connecting the film to an audience.

As a filmmaker, I know how difficult adopting these new tasks of marketing and distribution are. I also know how they can interfere with making new films – and there have been a fair amount of complaints lately from filmmakers about being responsible for doing this additional work.

This concept is something Jon talks about in part one of video highlights from the panel discussion he, Sheri Candler, and David Geertz presented back in March.

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