It Was Going So Well


Brian and Melanie’s first date looks to be leading to a second until they run into his ex-girlfriend.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Maryam Siddiqi
Producer: Kolene Elliott
Director/producer: Anita de Yonge-Vandeneykel

Director’s statement

Anita de Yonge-Vandeneykel says:

“I’ve always wondered why relationships are so complicated. They shouldn’t be.

I wanted to shoot Maryam Siddiqi’s script in a simplistic way to emulate my perspective of how relationships should be and let the performances show how complex they usually are.

On the surface the story is a quirky, funny moment in time about a couple on a date. What I found interesting is that each character has a moment we’ve all experienced within a relationship. From excitement, joy, wonder and anticipation to anger, confusion, frustration and disappointment, which all leads to: “What did I do wrong?””

About Anita de Yonge-Vandeneykel

Anita de Yonge Vandeneykel

Anita de Yonge-Vandeneykel’s journey into the film industry began as an actress. She has performed in numerous commercials, TV shows (Zero Hour, By the Rapids) and films (Shadowlands, The Four Horsemen).

She also has an extensive list of stage credits, including two plays that she wrote, produced and performed across Canada (Girl in the Box, Two V’s in a Pod). This is where her journey as a writer/producer began.
Her roles behind the camera include time as an assistant producer on Festival of Sacrifice (documentary) and part of the creative team on Chasing Aces (short film), which won a Canadian Comedy Award for director Donnie Mullins.

Most recently, she wrote and produced the short My Dad Says. Currently, she’s developing a reality TV show about life coaching. It Was Going So Well is her directorial debut.

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