NSI Online Short Film Festival ALL STARS


Ever wondered which films are the most popular in the NSI Online Short Film Fest? Wonder no more! We’ve lined up a special holiday program featuring our festival ALL STARS – the most popular films (AKA most-viewed) since we started our film fest back in 2008.

We’ve got nearly every genre in this mix: drama, comedy, documentary, horror and a few shorts that’ll get your heart racing in more ways than one. Enjoy them over the holidays beginning the week of December 12 until January 23.

December 12

I’m Not The Indian You Had in Mind (director: Thomas King)
A video exploration offering insight as to how First Nations people today are changing old ideas and empowering themselves in the greater community.

Porn for Women (director: Victoria Goring)
A satirical look at gender turn-ons.

December 19

Against the Grain: The Legacy of the Indian Residential School System (director: Curtis Mandeville)
The legacy of the Indian Residential School system is explored, looking at its past history, present conditions and hopes for the future.

Remote (director: Marc Roussel)
Temporarily connected in time, a man tries to prevent the murder of a young woman living in his apartment thirty years ago.

December 26

Blue-Eyed Boy (director: Todd Kipp)
A young man makes an offhand comment to a solemn stranger who challenges him to a disturbing “bet.”

Chère (director: Brian Smith)
When a CBC TV employee is downsized, he decides to invest his severance pay in a friend’s bizarre theatre production: The silent story of one man’s love for his kitchen chair.

January 2

The Last of the Redheads (director: Heather Slepchik)
Scientific speculation suggests that redheads could be extinct in one hundred years. This short documentary explores the lives and memories of redheads in order to preserve their legacy.

Naked (director: Juan Riedinger)
When a young couple decides to pose nude for a life drawing class they discover that their physical flaws are nothing compared to the cracks in their relationship.

January 9

Nobody Likes a Mime (director: Andrew Lima)
Stranded in the middle of nowhere, a Mime sits next to his broken down car. No one stops for him except his rival and arch nemesis The Clown!

Vagina Vacation (director: Erick Boychuk)
After having her 18th child Nicole is ready to have another one right away. However, her vagina is not and takes off on vacation!

January 16

The Grind (director: Martin Pederson)
Walking the fine line that separates his personal life from his work life is becoming too much for John to handle. Today John may have crossed that line.

Ahousat going? Portrait of the Ahousah (director: Steven Davies)
Following a suicide crisis in 2005, tribal leaders in the BC community of Ahousat decided to initiate a healing process rooted in tradition.

Do you have a future ALL STAR short film in your collection? Send it to us! You have until January 4.

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