Fortune Cooking

As an immigrant, Sam Lau took up cooking as a means of survival. Following a glowing review, he managed to keep his restaurant open for another six months.

He was able to show his skills as an artist, but high expectations and low prices made for an unfortunate combination.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Jason Karman

Director’s statement

Jason Karman says:

“I started this project wanting to give Sam Lau a voice because I felt the media did not have time to portray him accurately. Through the process I learned an incredible amount about my family and the choices they made to come here.

Immigrants are the hardest working groups of people in society and yet their efforts often go unrecognized. My father opened an Indonesian restaurant in Edmonton when we first moved to Canada and now I have a better understanding of why he valued family time so much.”

About Jason Karman

Jason Karman

Born in Indonesia, Jason is an honors graduate from Cinematography Program at Capilano University. His earlier works have screened at LOGO TV, HBO on Demand and the CBC.

His first film, Stacey and Mary, exhibited at the 2005 Houston Worldfest and won the Silver-Remi Award for Best Original Comedy Short. Jason’s documentary short, State of Yo, was the National Portrait Winner at Montreal’s Cine-Asie National Portrait contest in 2009.

He is an active member of Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society and his works have been repeatedly selected for many Asian and Queer Film Festivals across North America.

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