The Grind

Told in a non-linear style, The Grind is a film that exposes a “day-in-the-life” of a deeply troubled man who has allowed his work life and his personal life to collide with gruesome results.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Martin Pedersen
Producer: Cameron Chapman, Jason Nolan

Director’s statement

Martin Pedersen says:

“When making The Grind my goal was to, on the surface, combine the grittiness of Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer with the cutting style of Requiem For A Dream in order to convey the story of a serial killer on the hunt who uses his shrink both as a way to confess his sins, as well as to get himself amped up to commit those same sins all over again.

But below that, I had hoped to use those familiar genre conventions as a metaphor to detail how dangerous it can be when a man allows his job or career to become the most important aspect of his life, destroying all of his personal relationships with his family and friends in the process.

I wanted the audience to be a little off-balance when watching the film, not exactly sure of what they just saw nor of what was going to happen next and as such I chose to do the movie in a non-linear style in the hopes that once the film has ended, the audience would want to watch it again from the beginning to see what they may have missed the first time around.

The use of repeating the same scenes, showing them first in a wide shot then later in tighter coverage was meant as a way to say: “The signs are all there, we just have to look closer.”

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated their time & energy in helping to complete this project.”

About Martin Pedersen

Martin Pedersen

Having carved out a 15-year career working as an assistant director on “other peoples’ shows,” Martin Pedersen decided it was time he took a shot and did something of his own.

With the generosity and support of the Calgary film community, Martin joined forces with his producing partners Cameron Chapman and Jason Nolan, DP/editor Sean Smith, and production designer Robert Rozycki to bring The Grind to life.

Still paying the bills as an AD, Martin intends to make more of his own projects in the future.

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