The Strawberry Confession

Arlene is in the confessional booth to unburden herself on the one person who has to listen to her yawn-inducing trivialities. However, today’s confession takes an unexpected turn.

Creative team

Writer/producer/director: Talia Pura

Director’s statement

Talia Pura says:

“The story of Arlene started as a stage monologue in a sketch comedy show but took on a life of its own. It has been published in a collection of monologues and performed several times in different venues by different actors. Finally, it was time she got a movie of her own.

It’s interesting to explore characters that are living at the edges of mainstream society.

Arlene is sincere and honest, if somewhat judgmental. She lives in her own little world, with very clear cut lines between right and wrong.

Coming to confession every day is her release valve, as the priest has the power to absolve her of every little sin. Now if she can only decipher what exactly is sinful and what is not.”

About Talia Pura


Talia has written/produced/directed three short dramatic videos, I Dream of You, The Strawberry Confession and Collections. Another film Aerial Artistry was produced as a commission by CODE, Vancouver Olympics, 2010.

As a playwright, she has had many performances, several publications and a CBC Radio commission. Her book, STAGES: Creative Ideas For Teaching Drama, was published by J. Gordon Shillingford Press, 2002 and is in its sixth printing.

Talia is also an actor, appearing in films such as Guy Maddin’s Saddest Music in the World. Her aerial dance performances include a solo with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

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