X + Y

An experimental film that incorporates elements of stop-motion photography and practical-paint animation within a 360 degree framework to show the root of the human condition: conflict.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Yaz Rabadi, Razvan Anton

Director’s statement

Yaz Rabadi and Razvan Anton say:

“The goal was to effectively show what the human condition meant to us within the confines of a one-minute short film. After spending days discussing ideas, we found ourselves constantly coming back to the areas of struggle and conflict.

Going in with the mindset that a simple idea would be the most effective to convey within a minute, we came up with the concept of an arm wrestling match in which each hand would represent opposing forces.

Razvan, keen on incorporating symbols as opposed to words in representing these forces, suggested that these symbols constantly be morphing from one to another as the arm wrestling match went on – representing conflict and struggle which was never ending.

The rest came relatively effortlessly as we decided to incorporate elements of paint and stop-motion animation via still photography within a 360 degree environment to capture this concept.The film marks our first collaboration as filmmakers, but definitely not the last.”

About Yaz Rabadi

Yaz Rabadi

Being drawn to the medium of film at a very young age, Yaz Rabadi began his career as a filmmaker by honing his craft as a writer and director while studying the medium at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts in Toronto.Graduating with honors and several shorts films under his belt, Yaz was later selected to take part in The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s National Apprenticeship Training Program. The program allowed Yaz to further develop his creativity and working knowledge of film as he apprenticed and worked alongside renowned Canadian filmmakers such as Atom Egoyan and John Greyson.

Constantly working toward perfecting his craft as a filmmaker and reaching audiences through his work, Yaz is currently in post-production of his latest short film The Beard and in pre-production on another short Skinned while writing his first feature, all of which delve deeper in to his exploration and study of the human condition.

About Razvan Anton

Razvan Anton
Born in Bucharest, Romania, Razvan Anton went on to study architecture at The Edmond Nicholaus School of Architecture but always had an affinity for film.After coming to Canada at the age of twenty, he discovered film and studied at Ryerson University where he made his first stop-motion animation titled The Apple, a documentary about Lakeshore Mental Hospital called If Walls Could Talk, and his thesis film The Antic which went on to screen in Japan at Zipangu Fest as well as Harlem Film Festival.

His recent projects also include Eeeeek, a short about a teleporting rabbit and Progenitor, a post-apocalyptic nightmare which re-tells the biblical legend of Cain and Abel.

Selected festivals and awards

  • Chicago International Film Festival’s Human Condition screening

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