Marya et son Amant (Marya and her Lover)

Marya has a big problem: how does she get rid of her lover’s corpse which is lying nude on the floor with a knife in its back?

She asks Alex, who comes unprepared and without a car.

Daniel is called in to help but he’s more interested in getting back with Marya than playing the role of a gravedigger.

Three different personalities come alive and echo, in their own way, the cumbersome body.

What will be will be. Wait and see…

Creative team

Writer/director: Stéphane Defoy
Producer: Christine Falco

About Stéphane Defoy


After completing a degree in communications at Moncton University, Stéphane joined the Kino movement and directed many short films including SangSoeurs and Cet arrière-goût d’amertume qui m’empoisonne l’existence.

Since 2006 he has been an active member of the writing committee of Ciné-Bulles, a film magazine for which he has been a collaborator for many years.

Marya et son amant is Stéphane ‘s fourth film, produced by Les Films Camera Oscura.

Stéphane is currently developing La saison des citrouilles, a sci-fi movie, in collaboration with Les Films Camera Oscura and with the support of SODEC and the Harold Greenberg Fund.

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