Curse of the Jade Falcon

Slyly crafted on multiple levels, Curse of the Jade Falcon seamlessly blends an assault of Asian stereotypes while reinventing the opening scene of the classic film The Maltese Falcon: a mysterious woman implores a detective to find her sister who has run away to the city to meet a dangerous man.

Creative team

Director: Tracy D. Smith
Writer/producer: Ian Tang

Producer/writer’s statement

Ian Tang says:

“On paper, Curse of the Jade Falcon reads as one of the most racist films ever conceived. But who decides what is racist? Can you have satire without racism? Can racism be tolerated when presented in such a pretty package?

Never over-bearing and acutely subversive, the urge to laugh is infectious – but does it cross the line?”

About Tracy D. Smith

In 2002, Tracy received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She then joined Brightlight Pictures’ development department until 2006.

She served on the Vancouver, BC board of Women in Film and Television for over three years.

Her short film Sandra Gets Dumped (2005 Crazy8s) won a Leo Award for Best Screenwriting and her feature film debut, Taming Tammy, premiered at the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Tracy has written and directed segments of Canadian Broadcasting Centre’s national show, Living and is currently working on her next feature.

Tracy is a grad of NSI Features First.

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