A law student, motivational speaker, international athlete and artist. Meet Josh Vander Vies … born without arms, legs or limits.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Angelina Cantada

Director’s statement

Angelina Cantada says:

“Josh Vander Vies is my hero. And it’s not because of any grand or glorious deed he has done. It’s a bunch of little things he does everyday – preparing a meal, getting on a bus, playing catch with his family – little things we normally take for granted.

For Josh, everything takes a bit more effort. And sometimes, a lot of creativity! But no matter what, Josh will simply do what he needs to do in order to live his life to the fullest. And he does them all with a light heart and a smile.”

About Angelina Cantada


Angelina Cantada is a visual storyteller. She uses photography and filmmaking to tell stories that are thoughtful, inspiring, and always, personal.

Angelina started her career in television in the Philippines working as a producer, director, writer and editor of broadcast documentaries and reality-based TV programs.

She also co-owned and operated a video production company in Manila for eight years producing corporate, educational and training videos.

Her first film in Canada was Let’s Play Boccia! a documentary short film on the Canadian Paralympic Boccia Team. It premiered at the Vancouver Short Film Festival and won the WIFTV Best Female Director award in October 2009.

Angelina was also one of six winners in the Crazy8s Filmmaking Competition 2010. She wrote and directed Sikat, a poignant story about a Filipino nanny living in Canada. Both films have screened at various festivals in North America.

With almost 20 years experience in the art of image-making, Angelina knows she will always tell her stories in pictures.

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