The Quarry

The Quarry takes place over the course of one day, following 12 year old Charlie.

Charlie’s best friend Natalie is moving away and he is forced to confront his growing feelings towards her.

He attempts to make her last day memorable by giving her a personal gift, a mix tape.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ryan Hanson

Personal statement

Ryan Hanson says:

The Quarry was born out of my desire to revisit my youth and make a personal film about how the smallest moments in the pre-teen/teen world can feel monumental.

It’s interesting to me how quickly we become desensitized and unaware of the little things.

By setting it in the 1990s as well, it really opened my eyes to how things have changed as well and how the mix tape has become a lost art that once made up my youth. It was all about these handwritten notes and grinding over a mix tape that would take you hours to make and now we have texting and computers to do the work for us.”

About Ryan Hanson


Ryan Hanson is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program. In 2006, he was awarded Best Cinematographer at the BC Student Film Festival for his work on the film The Shade.

In 2009, Ryan wrote and directed the NSI Drama Prize short film The Curiosity of Penny Parker which has played at many festivals worldwide and was awarded first place in the KidsEye program at the 2009 Rhode Island International Film Festival. Penny Parker has also aired on CBC’s Northern Reflections program.

The Quarry is Ryan’s second short film and was awarded a production grant from the Ontario Arts Council. It is currently doing the festival circuit.

Right now, Ryan is in pre-production on his third short film, The Escapement, and is also in the script phase of his first feature, Lilium, which he wrote with Daniel Warth.

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