Stimulus Package

Nancy Norman, her husband, daughter and cat are feeling the financial pressures of these difficult economic times. Until their plain, brown-wrap, government-issued, stimulus package arrives.

Creative team

Writer: Kevin B. Barron
Director/writer: Mauri Bernstein
Producer: Lana Safonova

Director’s statement

Mauri Bernstein says:

“We wanted to tell a story about a woman suffering but we didn’t want her to be a victim.

While Stimulus Package is essentially one woman’s story, don’t we all secretly delight in the idea that our dreams might be delivered to us in one glorious fell swoop? Maybe it comes in a plain brown-wrap package. Wouldn’t that be fun? And it was.

The cast and crew were magnificently talented and dedicated. Not every grip will throw himself into traffic to get a shot. It also turned out that our production manager is an exquisitely audacious comedy stunt driver. And, we had a blast making Lyza Ulrich cry all weekend long.”

About Mauri Bernstein


Mauri is a Vancouver-based director, writer, actor, puppeteer and editor, specializing in comedy in all things.

She was raised on the sets of hundreds television commercials and was defending creative choices in the editing room at age seven. Really.

She is an alumna of Women in the Director’s Chair, a graduate of New York University and has worked with all kinds of people, animals and puppets in a wide variety of capacities for all sizes of stages and screens.

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