That’s Offensive

A pleasant after-dinner chat between friends turns into an offensive minefield when the group’s over-sensitivity makes even the most mundane topics off-limits, until there is simply nothing to say.

Creative team

Hot Thespian Action with Brad Crawford & Bryan Verot

Hot Thespian Action’s statement

Shannon Guile, Jacqueline Loewen, Garth Merkeley, Ryan Miller and Jane Testar say:

“As a comedy troupe, we take it as our responsibility to explore the more taboo and risqué aspects of life.

We find ourselves often, in writing meetings, proposing ideas that cause us to laugh uncontrollably only to realize the idea is far too offensive to be shown to the public, for fear of lynching.

This constant fear of offending is baked into us as a modern society and we wanted to explore just how far political correctness can be pushed, and how detrimental over-sensitivity can be.

Where is the line? When have you crossed it? And is crossing it okay sometimes, in the right context? What happens when that line is drawn in too tightly, leaving you with no wiggle room? Is there anything left that’s safe to talk about?”

About Hot Thespian Action


Hot Thespian Action has appeared on CBC television twice in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, alongside Alan Thicke and Andrea Martin, received five star reviews and completely sold out runs at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and been nominated for a 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Sketch Comedy Troupe in Canada

They continue to astound audiences with their unique brand of often physical, sometimes musical, always stripped down sketch comedy.

Hot Thespian Action – Shannon Guile, Jacqueline Loewen, Garth Merkeley, Ryan Miller and Jane Testar – has recently ventured into the world of short film with the works That’s Offensive and Torture.

To see these shorts through to completion they partnered with filmmakers Brad Crawford and Bryan Verot from Strata Studios in Winnipeg.

Looking ahead, Hot Thespian Action has begun the process of writing, producing and starring in their very own sitcom.

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