The Slumber Party

George barely gets along with his rambunctious daughter Amber. He’s even reluctant to drop her off at a seemingly innocent slumber party. But how much trouble could she get into?  The answer is a lot!  Will Amber’s antics get the best of her or will her tricks become her triumph?

Creative team

Co-writer/co-director/producer: Joe Zanetti
Co-writer/co-director: Mary Alice Corton

Director’s statement

Joe Zanetti says:

The Slumber Party is a self-contained little slice of a feature film that Mary Alice Corton and I conceived, taking place on Prince Edward Island. When the Island Media Arts Coop and Island Film Factory put together a grant for PEI shorts we decided to apply with one of the turning point moments between the father and daughter and were excited when the funding came through.

All the cast came from PEI. I found them over the course of a couple weekends prior to the shoot and we filmed at a great old farmhouse just outside of Charlottetown. Most of the crew was from PEI with a few imports from Nova Scotia including our great DoP Kevin Fraser.

We shot the piece over the course of two days and, thankfully, our shot list was fairly chronological because the weather was all over the place: fog, rain, and then beautiful sunshine. We ended up using this to our advantage to differentiate the emotional undercurrents of the film from beginning to end.

The slumber party scene with a large group of 10 to 12 year-old-girls (with little to no on-camera experience) was probably the biggest question mark since we had no idea what kind of footage we were going to get. We gave them pretty loose direction and let them play and do whatever and the result was kind of fantastic.

Through the piece we had a running gag with a zucchini and had an emergency with our zucchini supplies. Our lead actress Rebeccah Lambie was biting into them so fast that we almost ran out.  At the end we were left with a rather ludicrous pile of zucchinis all over the set.

Thanks to Mike Small for the nice trims on the editing and to Brett Boyett for contributing some really fun music that helped to set the tone of the piece.

We wanted to bring an estranged father and daughter together after enduring a quirky and surreal experience together and I think the result was a nice combination of silly and heartfelt between father and daughter.”

About Mary Alice Corton


Mary Alice’s true passion for filmmaking emerged while obsessing about films with now writing/directing partner Joe Zanetti some 10 years ago. She got her production chops working on commercials.

She directed and edited a cooking web series, wrote two romantic comedies and one drama feature and also a number of feature scripts with Joe. She and Joe were semifinalists in the Page Screenwriting Awards for their script George the Great on which The Slumber Party is based.

About Joe Zanetti


Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Joe has worked in media for the last 10 years, developing scripts, producing documentaries, narrative shorts, music videos and video games.

He has worked as a production executive at a number of production companies in L.A., created Frozen Fish Productions in Halifax in 2008 to develop film/TV and also develops console video games with Longtail Studios.

Joe has scripts under option and regularly pitches television concepts and pilots to Canadian and American networks.

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