New in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival: MOVE + Mother Father Son


Above: MOVE

Two new films for you in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival.

The experimental short MOVE, directed by John Graham, depicts the surreal dream life of a comatose man and how he is guided to consciousness. Although he seems to be disconnected from life, his interior self echoes colour and symbols of caring from the outer conscious world. Even after he appears to wake up, his imagination presents more ambiguity.

John Graham says, “MOVE represents a significant shift in the direction of my creative research. MOVE not only mythologizes dream life but also manifests a personal belief that spirituality concerns itself with the quality of worldly relationships.

The film is an expressionistic narrative that was guided by motivations to evoke the poetics of elusive subconscious worlds. It explores a subject that I have never been able to communicate in other media: to artistically portray the kinetic richness of our interior lives, and that these interior visions may powerfully enhance our lives.”


Above: Mother Father Son

The documentary Mother Father Son, directed by Oliver Hockenhull, is a series of family photographs and military archival footage, through which the filmmaker traces his father’s participation in the assault of Dresden as a navigator in the Royal Canadian Air Force (a bombing that his father would subsequently describe as a ‘war crime’) and in the process, creates a powerful and relevant statement on the government’s role (and complicity) as a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in its pervasive and expedient manipulation of information.

Oliver Hockenhull says, “Honored to share with you something of importance, important to me as an individual and as a citizen of Canada.

The personal is in this short film, very political and has to do with understanding and being moved by historical and world events. That the possibilities of utopia, of freedom and holistic and truthful expression exists in all of us – before it is subsumed and infected by the distortions and waste of a politics (and a media) of the expediences of power and authoritarianism.”

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