Où est Maurice?

A forlorn pet owner pines for her wayward dog, Maurice, as a suave Parisianoid crooner emerges to take its place in this absurdist musical comedy.

Produced with a grant awarded by bravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), a division of Bell Media Inc.

Creative team

Writer: Eve Majzels
Co-director: Alek Rzeszowski
Co-director/producer: Matthew Rankin

Filmmaker’s statement

Matthew Rankin says:

“Eve Majzels, Alek Rzeszowski and myself are gigantic francophiles. In the winter of 2005, Alek and Eve would visit me in the darkest outpost of Winnipeg’s mysterious St. James district. At that time, I was employed for the City of Winnipeg’s Parking Revitalization Task-Force, which serves to preserve and promote many of Winnipeg’s historic surface-level parking lots. I am proud to say that, thanks to largely to yours truly, the Duff Roblin Parking Villa on Moray Avenue was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Anyway, in the lonesome hours between guided tours and pot-hole restoration, Alek and Eve would hide francophilic treats for me around the lots: a croissant here, a Québec flag there, a Belgian waffle at every turn; what Gallic joy this odd ritual brought to my depressed and parking-addled soul!

One day they dropped off this warped cassette tape of some audio art they had created called Où est Maurice? and I became positively ecstatic! It was then I decided to quit my job and set to work: Où est Maurice? would be a film.”

About Matthew Rankin


Matthew Rankin was born in Winnipeg. He studied history at McGill and Université Laval, and then filmmaking down in the sub-human trench of Winnipeg’s artistic underclass: a true filmmaking utopia where he directed more than 20 shorts. A committed Esperantist, Rankin presently resides on Elephant Island, Antarctica, where he is hard at work on his new film, Mynarski: Death Plummet 1944.

About Alek Rzeszowski


Alek Rzeszowski is a Polish-born director, actor, editor and composer who has established himself as the affordable all-rounder in the independent Canadian movie scene. Having worked with such talents as Mike Maryniuk, Kick JaXon and Matthew Rankin, he brings his experience to bear developing new outlets for his particular brand of comedy. He now resides in Toronto.

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