Publishing Par Excellence

This is a picture of the publishing scene in Manitoba. The hard working publisher and the celebrated writers from our province and from across the continent.

J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing is one of the most active literary publishers in Manitoba. They are the second largest drama publisher in Canada, offering an invaluable service to the literary community of Manitoba. Second largest publisher of plays in Canada and sixth in the northern hemisphere. They also invest in creative non-fiction work by authors, home and beyond.

J. Gordon Shillingford is key in the life of Canadian culture and resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With the biggest, heartiest heart in the world, he talks like a sailor, rails at the skies and takes in any stray cat. No question, is oversubscribed.

His big bud, Gregg Shilliday, owner of Great Plains Publishing is the largest publisher of fiction and creative non-fiction in Winnipeg and far beyond. Friends and rivals, Shillingford and Shilliday bang heads and share intellect. And they marshal the massive writing talent in the region.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ruth DeGraves

Director’s statement

Ruth DeGraves says:

“The writer’s talents and great persistence is to be much applauded and recognized. We are privileged to enjoy their labours. The publisher brings these works to realization. It is an arm in arm relationship. So invaluable.”

About Ruth DeGraves


Update: Sadly, Ruth passed away in 2014.

Ruth produces, directs, writes and voices documentary film.

She’s worked in the film world for many years and feels very honoured to do so. Her works, The Chronicler and Choir Boy Lucky are rather like cousin films in their themes and general tone around buoyant Aboriginal stories. Her documentary Marion Warhaft: Restaurant Spy is fun and light-hearted.

Publishing Par Excellence is her most recent film with a cast of colourful characters with insights into the world of book-making/building.  

She is currently in production on picture called: Manitoba’s Wild West. Over many years, she has had the honour or working as a writer for independent production houses and the National Film Board.

Her background also includes more than a decade as writer/producer/broadcaster for CBC radio along with two seasons as host/writer of Open Wide for CBC National Television. Additionally, no stranger to the publishing arena, she’s written a novel and three short stories published internationally and works as a literary editor on an ongoing basis.

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