Told through the point of view of one of the title character’s followers, we see the world of early teenage society: full of gossiping, rumour, jealousy and unmet expectations. As the narrator takes us through her story, we see her world as she remembers it. We discover that stereotypes aren’t always what they seem.

Creative team

Writer: Emily Bridger
Director: Mark O’Brien
Producer: Shannon Hawes

Director’s statement

Mark O’Brien says:

“This film is a snapshot [of] our early teenage years.

In junior high, everyone envied the popular kids and wanted to be them. Sometimes that envy was generated by a sense of confusion. How does one become popular? How does popularity affect who you are and who you want to be? To what lengths are we willing to discredit ourselves or others to be admired?

If we’re not accepted by others, how do we react? How does that change us? I tried exploring that with this film. But mostly I was hoping to show that, in a sense, kids are not all that different from the adult versions of themselves. We mature in certain ways, but I think, as people, we’re always discovering new things about who we are.

The way we felt as children has informed who we are today and the desire to be liked or wanted still exists as we grow older.”

About Mark O’Brien


Mark is an award-winning actor/filmmaker from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

His career started with a large supporting role in the WWII miniseries Above and Beyond starring Richard E. Grant which received five Gemini nominations. He starred in the 2010 official Sundance Film Festival selection Grown Up Movie Star, which was nominated for three Genie Awards. He is one of the stars of the wrestling indie Beat Down and has made television appearances on such shows as Murdoch MysteriesThe One That Got Away and Warehouse 13.

Mark currently stars in the hugely successful Canadian TV series Republic of Doyle. For his work on the show, Mark earned a Canadian Comedy Award nomination for best actor. He also co-wrote and directed several webisodes for the series.

His short films have screened at festivals throughout the US and Canada including the LA Shorts Fest, the Atlantic Film Festival and the Youngcuts Film Festival.

Kathy won him the William F. White Award for Best Comedy at the 2012 Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival.

Mark wrote, directed, edited and starred in the short film Better People, which premiered at the 2012 Montreal World Film Festival and won best Atlantic short film at the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival.

Mark has extensive theatre experience in such shows as RopeButler’s Marsh, Poor Superman, Until June, Autobahn, Sex; the Rules of, The Story of Bobby O’Malley, and Red Noses.

Mark has a bachelor of arts with a major in English and drama from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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