Stan, an eternal bachelor, fills out an online dating profile showing that everyone just wants to be loved.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Matt Sadowski

Filmmaker’s statement

Matt Sadowski says:

“When an opportunity to compete in a 1-minute short film competition arose, I was inspired by something from my past.

Back when I was lonely and single ( I’m happily married now, with one kid and one on the way) and too neurotic to approach girls at bars –  I used to surf dating sites, just looking for some sort of connection  – even if it was just online.

I was completely taken aback at the kinds of people that would pour their hearts out, desperate to find love. People you wouldn’t expect.

It was sad but also kind of affirming that there’s only one thing that everyone wants to have in this life. Love.”

About Matt Sadowski


A ten-year old heroin addict. A couple that may or may not be be thrilled that they are/are not pregnant. A pilgrimage to deliver a love letter to John Hughes. A man searching for a VCR to relive a precious memory on VHS. A miserable man befriended by a six-year-old in a bowling alley.

These are a few of the cinematic stories helmed by filmmaker Matt Sadowski.

A self-taught filmmaker, Matt’s films have been nominated for best short at the Yorkton Film Festival and selected two years in a row by Telefilm Canada for their Not Short on Talent Cannes Screening. His film S is for Bird was developed and produced through the NSI Drama Prize training course.

With his short days behind him, Matt will next be directing his Telefilm Microbudget Program feature film, The Next Morning.

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