Goths! On the Bus!

A couple of über goths ride the public transit to the mall to buy more lipstick, but the subtext! Pain, suffering and eternal damnation wrapped in velvety angst. It’s sunny outside but dark in their souls!

Creative team

Writer/co-director/producer: Jaimz Asmundson
Co-director: Karen Asmundson

Filmmaker’s statement

Jaimz Asmundson says:

“We didn’t know what to make for our One Take Super 8 film (which was already two days late) so we convinced our friend Damien to dress up like a goth with us and take the bus to the mall.

We found a toy crow with light up red eyes at Shoppers when we went to buy bus tickets on the way to Polo Park [mall]. Someone threw a water bottle at us; two guys threatened to stab us in the mall; and then mall security tossed us out.

This film was completely improvised up until the last frame. We started writing the song the next day, while trying to remember what happened. The song lines up surprisingly well, considering the soundtrack was made without seeing the visuals.

It’s interesting how well things can go when you are artistically limited by shooting completely on the fly and not being able to review what you’ve shot. Something magic can happen and, in this case, it was a goth sitting in a dark corner playing magic cards, drinking red wine with a single tear smearing his eyeliner.”

About Jaimz Asmundson


Jaimz Asmundson is a Winnipeg-based media artist working primarily in film and video but also expanded cinema performance and as part of the music duo Ghost Twin.

His award-winning work has travelled to film festivals worldwide including a retrospective and residency in Cologne, Germany.

Jaimz is a curatorial member of the WNDX Collective, a past programmer of the Gimli Film Festival and has also contributed to many award-winning shorts, features, documentaries and TV productions as a picture editor, assistant editor and graphic designer.

About Karen Asmundson

Karen Asmundson is a Winnipeg musician, filmmaker and boulevard tree advocate. She has spent life dithering between science and the arts, unable to make a choice and thus pursuing both.

She studies classical voice, writes and performs music as part of the duo Ghost Twin. She also enjoys working with small gauge film formats and making a fool of herself in public.

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