Together Furever

A young couple is rounding the end of a perfect date when a secret begins to unfold that could jeopardize their relationship.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Mark Corless and Steve Cutler

Filmmakers’ statement

Mark Corless and Steve Cutler say:

Together Furever, like all of our work, is inspired in part by the other exciting and innovative video work happening on the internet (groups like Picnicface, Daniels, Ornana Films, and Court 13), as well as the great filmmakers of the post WWII modernist era, and straight thugs tearing-up over the sunset.”

About Mark Corless & Steve Cutler

Mark-Corless            Steve-Cutler

Above L-R: Mark Corless and Steve Cutler

Steve and Mark are two recent university drop-outs who have been working together on various projects since 2009, forming the creative collective Suns in 2013. Together they are writers, directors, cinematographers, producers, actors and editors.

Starting as comedians, sharing stages with widely acclaimed sketch troupe Picnicface, they eventually transitioned from stage to video becoming more interested in newly available technology, narrative forms and the reality of life in a world urbanized by the internet.

In 2013, under the Suns banner, they independently created what upon release became the official music video for rapper Captain Murphy aka Flying Lotus’s song The Killing Joke, featured prominently by Pitchfork, XXL, Spin and numerous other taste-making music websites and blogs.

Currently they’re working on several projects including another music video, a black and white short film (think City of God meets Adventure Time meets Akira Kurosawa/Hideo Gosha) and trying to get to Los Angeles to meet people who think about the same things they do.

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