Lonely’s Lunch

While undercover as a paramilitary trooper, a rebel spy acquires secret plans which she must transport to safety.

With danger lurking around every corner, a man joins her and aids in her attempts to avoid detection and capture. Our rebel questions his motives and if she can trust him.

Creative team

Writer/director: Sean Wainsteim
Producer: The NE and Wainsteim Films
Music: You Say Party

Filmmaker’s statement

Sean Wainsteim says:

“This was the second time I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the band You Say Party. The first video we made was for Monster in Prague. There, lead singer Becky sang, ran and danced down cobblestone streets with a nine foot tall puppet. Due to the success of our first collaboration, the band was very open to me interpreting the song.

For the video for Lonely’s Lunch, I was interested in exploring feelings and questions surrounding the G20 in Toronto. I was struck deeply by the heavy-handed police presence in my home and questioned freedoms and liberties being exchanged for an idea of protecting a greater good. I felt that transitioning and abstracting that scenario to a different society made the piece more universal.

India is a place where I’ve shot before and was excited to return. Our team was spectacular and we were able to achieve amazing results under less than favourable conditions.

While we prepared to shoot, Devon Clifford, the band’s drummer, tragically passed away. This video is dedicated to him.

Themes, concepts and backstory from the video are currently being developed into a feature film.”

About Sean Wainsteim


The survivor of one art school and one airplane crash, writer/director Sean Wainsteim explores narrative projects in film, television, animation, music videos, commercials, docs and interactive sculptures.

He has created award winning work around the world for personal projects and global brands. In 2011 Sean won Director of the Year at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Sean is currently developing feature narrative and documentary projects that explore the remembered and imagined past…and completely made-up futures.

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