The Drive Home

On the drive home from a party, the long-simmering tensions in a young couple’s relationship finally boil over. But before they can part ways, the woman receives life-changing news, and the two of them must figure out how to move forward.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Kevin P. Gabel

Filmmaker’s statement

Kevin P. Gabel says:

“This film grew out of an image: a man and a woman driving in a car at night in silence. Once I figured out who these people were, where they were going and why they weren’t talking, I found the film was ultimately about the human capacity for compassion.

The man can put aside his anger and resentment to reassure and comfort the woman in her time of need. These are two people who seem incompatible and probably shouldn’t be together but, despite their anger at each other, can still feel empathy and make the effort to connect again.”

About Kevin P. Gabel


Kevin P. Gabel is a writer, director and actor who works in both film and theatre, receiving a double honours degree from the University of Winnipeg.

The short films he has directed include The Chain Letter, The Intruder, Waiting for a Change, The Projectionist and Lindsey. His films have screened in film festivals such as the University of Winnipeg Film Festival, the Reel Youth Film Festival, the Short Toronto Indie Film Festival, the ACTRA MIP Festival and the 1st Break Film Festival.

The Drive Home won Kevin a Silver Remi Award for short film direction at the WorldFest Houston International Film & Video Festival.

Kevin’s stage credits as an actor include the world premiere of Sarasvàti Productions’ Eden, numerous Fringe Festival productions, Lion in the Streets at the Black Hole Theatre and the University of Winnipeg’s productions of The Possibilities, The Whole Ninth Floor and Sainte-Carmen of the Main. He also has a role in the award-winning feature film Passionflower.

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