Monkey Life

Originally commissioned as a segment for You Dig! – a documentary discovery show for kids – Monkey Life explores the zoo existence, care, history and habits of a select group of our nearest and dearest relations.

Creative team

Writer/director: Beth Azore
Producer: New Projects Inc.

Filmmaker’s statement

Beth Azore says:

“I can’t remember why I went to the zoo in the first place. Perhaps an afternoon drive landed me there or some visiting family? Maybe I just felt lonely. But when I first saw Willow, a seeming ‘grandpa’ of a gibbon limping around her enormous habitat I knew a seed had been planted.

After some inquiry, I found out that Willow experienced seizures on a regular basis and had been injured as a young monkey. Also, Willow was a female.

It struck me how human-like monkeys can appear and this sparked a curiosity to learn more about their ways and needs. I also noticed how attracted other visitors were to their area of the zoo and the joyful reactions they produced in kids and adults alike.

So, when offered the opportunity to submit segment topics for profile pieces aimed at young viewers, I was keen to seize the opportunity here with regards to subject matter. Dr. Bob and the keepers at the zoo were open and pleased to share their knowledge with anyone interested.

I felt very fortunate to be brought behind the scenes to witness their daily drill with the monkeys and was deeply impressed by their kind and attentive care. It was a big bunch of fun!”

About Beth Azore


A background in theatre and film studies at New York University and an intimate working apprenticeship with author/filmmaker Michael Moore precluded Beth’s first co-directing effort Groove on a Stanley Knife, which enjoyed festival play in over 40 cities worldwide, receiving awards in Paris, Balogna and San Francisco and an airing on Channel Four UK to an audience of over 500,000.

The birth of Circusroad Shows in 2000 enabled her to write and direct Looking for Godot, a feature-length fable; produce and art direct Free, a multi award-winning feature-length drama; and produce and direct a long list of shorts in an impressive range of genres including comic animations, music videos, mini-docs, PSAs, corporate profiles and children’s programming.

Beth is exceedingly glad to be back in the Canadian prairie industry pioneering with her community of peers, writing soon-to-be classic feature scripts with Jeff McKay and her friends at New Projects Inc. and developing Circusroad: The Greatest … no wait … The Super Greatest Show on Earth.

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