Roof Jumpers

After Peter and Johnny climb on to the school rooftop, Johnny jumps down, leaving Peter alone to decide whether to follow his older brother.

Creative team

Writer/co-producer: Morgan I.P. Fics
Director/co-producer: Reiner Bello-Sanchez

Filmmaker’s statement

Reiner Bello-Sanchez says:

“When I first read the short story Roof Jumpers by Morgan I. P. Fics, I immediately found a connection with the story’s main thematic elements of brotherhood and loyalty.

I find it fascinating to place myself in the mindset of the characters I intend to breathe life into via the screen. I couldn’t stop thinking about how loyalty could contain elements of fear if what was being asked of you contained the possibility of dire consequences.

After speaking with Morgan about my intentions to translate his short story to film, I knew I had found a partner to help create this short. We spoke intensely about the importance of the film’s design that would place the audience in the point of view of the protagonists. The space and landscape, the green grass and blue sky, and the playground all became characters in their own right highlighting the picturesque memories of childhood.

Although Morgan and I did not meet until our mid-twenties, I found that our sense of adventure during our youth was very similar.

As kids we spent countless hours playing outdoors and getting into trouble. Playground antics always come hand in hand with the dust, the dirt and the possible danger of using schoolyard equipment and buildings in ways not intended, and it was important to us to contrast the beauty of a child’s environment with the grittiness of the characters.”

About Reiner Bello-Sanchez


The director of the award-winning short film Chocolate, Reiner Bello-Sanchez began his education at Miami Dade College where he received an associates degree in graphic design. He moved to Winnipeg and furthered his education with a film degree from the University of Winnipeg.

In 2010, Reiner produced and directed a short documentary called Duff Roblin – A Tribute, for the University of Winnipeg Foundation.

Over the past two years he has been employed by the University of Winnipeg’s Theatre and Film Department as an editor and teaching assistant.

Currently, Reiner attends York University where he is pursuing his MFA in film production.

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