New in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival: Deliveries and Good Expectations

Two films in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival from directors James Anthony Usas and Daniel D’Alimonte.


Deliveries is directed by James Anthony Usas.

A 20-something delivery worker, disillusioned by the seeming meaninglessness of his life, is confronted by a stranded car on a backcountry road. He discovers that life’s meaning is not the consequence of action, but immanent within choice itself.

James Anthony Usas says, “Deliveries was shot sporadically over a four-week period. We had no budget, our crew was very small and all support was in-kind.

It was my first film since finishing studies in architecture and I wasn’t sure I still knew how to tell a story through cinema.

The inspiration for the narrative evolved from a piece of music Obersun had produced years earlier, and hadn’t found a place for. The challenge became telling a story entirely in images: creating a silent film that would give equal weight to both the pictures and score without compromising the effect of either.

The process of making Deliveries was a way to discover new roles and relationships with artists and performers that will continue to evolve through future projects. Filmmaking is a collaborative act and without a solid core of dedicated and creative individuals the prospect of completing a film is virtually impossible.”

Good Expectations

Good Expectations is directed by Daniel D’Alimonte.

A teenage couple struggles to lose their virginity.

Daniel D’Alimonte says,  “Two lovers with no idea of what it’s actually like to get to the next level – I think we’ve all been here before.

While the anxiety, clumsiness and embarrassment of the situation [runs] through everybody’s mind at the time, in hindsight, it’s a scenario ripe with comedic potential.

That was my goal with this movie – finding the humour in the otherwise heavy situation.”

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