New in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival: The Seder and Storybook Wedding

Two films in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival from directors Justin Kelly and Mark Bethune.

The Seder

The Seder is directed by Justin Kelly.

When openly gay Leo decides to bring his boyfriend Mitchell home for the first time during his family’s Passover Seder, the boundaries of love and understanding get a little strained. To top it all off, Rabbi Solomon is the guest of honour on this most special of occasions.

Justin Kelly says, “I was raised to be an inclusionist, regardless of where someone comes from or what and who they are. I was taught to welcome them and treat them with respect and love. I feel that The Seder is a tale of what accepting someone and welcoming them into your heart can be, and often the place to start is the home.

We have been fortunate to find a tremendous audience in both the Jewish and LGBT communities through the success our festival run. The Seder playfully engages viewers with relatable, honest characters while tackling socially relevant subject matter in a real and genuine way.

I’d like to thank associate producer Danny Mendlow, cinematographer James Griffith, costume designer Bonnie Sutherland and editor Jeffrey P. Nesker for their work on this film.

I am hard at work with the team at Timshel Pictures developing the feature film version of The Seder, aiming to go to camera in 2014.”

Storybook Wedding

Storybook Wedding is directed by Mark Bethune.

A groom’s plan to accuse his bride-to-be of marrying him only for his money backfires when she reveals the only reason he’s rich is because of her loving attention.

Mark Bethune says, “I wrote this poem on a train in Sweden while reflecting on all the girls in high school that would not return the love I had for them. I thought perhaps the adventures I had been on and all the turmoil they put me through was part of a greater plan to test my affection. Most of them are married now.”

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