Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Month: My Black-Capped Angels and Momentum

We’re highlighting another two of our favourite films by female directors to celebrate Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Month in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

Shaw Media supports the Fearless Female Director award in our film fest, presented to the best film by a female director four times a year. To honour the award, we’re bringing you a month of our favourite films by female directors.

Each week watch two fantastic films by talented Canadian female directors: they’ve all been in the NSI Online Short Film Festival, some have won awards and all are totally worth seeing again.

This week’s shorts are from directors Juliette Gosselin and Florence Pelletier, and Sheona MacDonald.

My Black-Capped Angels previously won the Shaw Media Fearless Female Director award.

My Black-Capped Angels


My Black-Capped Angels is directed by Juliette Gosselin and Florence Pelletier.

A young girl sees her handicap as a cage in which her wings can’t unfold until her friend shows her that, together, they can fly away.

Writer/co-director Juliette Gosselin says, “The day I met (lead actress) Laurence remains very special in my mind. I remember feeling this incredible creative energy around her. It wasn’t long before I started writing about her. There was something enigmatic about this teenage girl.

One day, she opened up to me and mentioned that in her dreams she no longer had her handicap. That night, I started thinking about involving her and her twin sister in a creative project. Writing about these girls was not going to change anything but sharing an artistic project with them might.

Once the screenplay was written, I sent it over to Florence and we arranged a meeting with the girls not long after. Instantly, a bond between all of us was instilled. We trusted each other. We felt like Laurence wasn’t scared to be truthful to the audience. She didn’t ask us to sugarcoat anything.

Florence and I knew we were taking a risk by working with amateur actors but the moment we started shooting we were amazed by the freedom both sisters shared in front of the camera. In a way, Laurence is our black-capped angel.”


Momentum is directed by Sheona MacDonald.

In touching another person, we give them strength. In teaching another person we move them forward. In loving another person we build momentum in a relationship that carries us through our lives.

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