ABI: Home

A glimpse into the world of three youths who live on a native reservation in Northern Ontario, Canada.

They talk candidly with their auntie – the filmmaker – about why they like living in a community of 200 and also why they might leave one day. The differing perspectives are juxtaposed with both the natural beauty of their home, the land and a visit to the big city that seems to offer more. 

Creative team

Director/producer: Natasha Naveau

Filmmaker’s statement

“ABI: Home came from the director’s interest in the perspectives and challenges of Aboriginal youth living on a reservation and struggling with the decision to stay or go.

The world outside the reservation [can be tempting]. The youth who live here hunger for the city [which] causes an inner dilemma that many of them would rather ignore.

When you re-experience and remember the beauty [of the reservation] that was all around you as a child, you realize that it can never not be your home.”

About Natasha Naveau

Natasha Naveau

Natasha Naveau is an independent photographer and documentary filmmaker in Toronto. She is the founder of the new independent film and television production company That Good Way Productions.

She got her feet wet making her first short doc ABI: Home, through Seneca College’s Documentary Filmmaking Institute this past summer and is currently working on her second short doc.

Natasha is originally from Mattagami First Nation, Ontario where she was raised on old time country music and bannock.

She won the ‘most improved’ award in junior high and has grown up significantly since that first recognition of progress. She knows the value of continuing one’s individual learning and making a unique contribution to one’s community.


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