The Morning After

A young man wakes up in a strange girl’s bed which both excites and worries him. As he starts to piece together memories from the previous evening, he decides it’s probably best for him to leave.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Matthew Evans 

Filmmaker’s statement

The Morning After is a comedic short that is simple and hopefully funny.

The storytelling is displayed through a familiar style, though within a unique set of circumstances. The origin of the film’s style came from a simple thought: ‘It would be hilarious to see a Dr. Seuss-type story set in an adult situation.’

As a fan of the doctor, I chose to use some of his common motifs such as the narrator, a colourful and wacky set design but especially the rhyming.

As a filmmaker, my goal is to entertain and keep your attention. In this case, it means a few laughs and a little squeamish humour. Comedy isn’t easy but the response has been overwhelmingly positive, even from people not related to me!

If you crack a smile or give a chuckle during the film, my talented crew and I have been successful.”

About Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans

A recent graduate from the Humber College Film & Television Program, Matthew is an aspiring writer, director and editor who strives to entertain an audience. As a relatively quiet, shy guy, film is his way of seeking attention and approval from all the people he’s scared to talk to out there. His work often comes from a dark, twisted place that contradicts his nice, well-mannered personality.

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