Kurt and Kate used to be married. Now they’re not. Kate’s with her new lover Hannah and Kurt’s bruised heart has never recovered.

When Kurt returns to the home they once shared, he finds Kate upset over a fight she had with Hannah. Suddenly there’s a way back into her heart … and her bed.

During passionate sex, Kate puts the brakes on, realizing how wrong it all is but it’s too late. They’re stuck together – literally – in an urban legend known as penis captivus. Things go from bad to worse when Hannah returns home to apologize but instead finds Kate and Kurt in bed together.

Hannah nearly leaves them stuck together but Kate begs her to stay. Now more than ever, she needs Hannah.

Captivus is a dramedy about three people’s pain and the absurd occurrence that brings them together.

Creative team

Writers: Dane Clark, Simonee Chichester
Producer: Jordan Gross
Director: Simonee Chichester

Filmmaker’s statement

“Penis captivus: A rare occurrence in heterosexual intercourse where the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis.

Sounds gnarly.

When I first heard this concept pitched the absurdist in me was immediately drawn to the challenge of telling a story around an urban legend that had some heart. Maybe I’m a bit silly but I’m also heavily influenced by magical realism, Woody Allen films and equally inspired by cockamamie scenarios that unfold in an entertaining yet moving way.

Captivus is that movie – a comedy played straight that incorporates the unreal with the real in a heartfelt story featuring relatable characters and themes of identity and grief.

I certainly enjoyed making this fun, and sometimes ludicrous, film and am especially proud of how touching the movie ultimately turned out to be. I’m certain that its surprising emotional depth is why so many people find themselves perplexed.”

About Simonee Chichester

Simonee Chichester

Simonee Chichester is a filmmaker who writes, directs and produces for documentary and fiction films. She’s also a professionally trained actor who studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Her first film, Chichester’s Choice, was on the audience top 10 list of Hot Docs in 2007. Since then, the film has been seen worldwide at film festivals and on television.

Simonee is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s director’s lab. She has directed short films for CBC and bravoFACT and currently has a slate full of fiction and non-fiction projects.


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