At the End

Agents of a parallel reality struggling to interpret linear existence discover that at the end there can only be A Black Helicopter.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Mark Borowski, Howard Ronald Kowalchuk, John Wilson

Filmmaker’s statement

“As music artists, A Black Helicopter set out to capture the raw edge of our music on film.

The song in the video had never been rehearsed – you’re hearing it as it was recorded during the moment we created it.

The imagery of life, death, a search for truth and the unknown are key elements to the film. As the song and film’s title suggest, what ultimately matters at the end is the music.

We used rural Manitoba locations to represent the journey these men embark on in their search to find answers to a question they don’t know.

Literally, we were conceptualizing the film’s story as we were filming based on what we saw out the window of the car.

The teleportation scene – an experiment in light imagery – was a perfect solution to losing light and it parallels the song’s most profound lyric: ‘after the middle, you know what comes next? The end!'”

About A Black Helicopter

A Black Helicopter

A Black Helicopter collective is comprised of (from left to right) Howard Kowalchuk, Jay Wilson and Mark Borowski.

Although they’ve only been working together as A Black Helicopter for less than a year, the team has been working together on various creative projects for well over a decade.

Formally trained in film, video and music, this collective is putting their formidable talents to an intriguing use: uniquely shedding light on the paranormal and all things mysterious through the multimedia use of music and film.

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