Gabriel & Michael

Gabriel’s son Michael has been caught, yet again, stealing from a classmate. Now Gabe faces the reality of his choices and must come to terms with how they may be affecting his son.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Keaton TF Evans
Producer: Nancy Mamais

Filmmaker’s statement

“Gabriel & Michael is one of a few short films I’ve written and directed.

It started as a project in college. After finishing post-production on the original version of the film, I realized it wasn’t at all what I had originally envisioned. After handing in the project I immediately started on a re-write.

This started my obsession with perfection on this film. I almost entirely re-wrote the script until I felt much more comfortable with it.

After about a year of delays due to our lead moving back home to Ireland, as well as other gigs on the go, we were able to re-shoot the major interview scenes and add some new ones in late 2011.

This film was made with little to no money and became a labour of love.

Although the critic inside me still tells me it’s too dramatic, I am proud of the final product and proud of my crew for sticking it out with me during re-shoots. I’m very thankful for the experiences with everything and everyone involved in the production.”

About Keaton TF Evans

My film career began with 5 words: “Go make mommy a movie.”

I was eight years old. It was March break. And it was raining. Mind-numbing boredom had turned into endless whining. Mom was willing to try anything to make it stop.

Thank you, Mom.

By the age of 15 I had created a business filming and editing ‘sponsor me’ videos for my soon-to-be professional skateboarder pals.

By 19 I had two short film credits as a writer and director, with both projects receiving multiple awards.

After graduating from Centennial College at 21 with an advanced diploma in broadcasting and film, I began my career working as a writer and director in Toronto.

Since then I’ve worked on feature films, television commercials for global brands and music videos for some of Canada’s greatest musicians.

I love the escapism of film. I love creating worlds beyond our own and the opportunity to craft a whole reality in a single sentence and hold it in the palm of my hand. Every day presents a challenge to say something unique, evoke emotion and speak to the truth inside the viewer’s mind.

I’ve been up to the challenge since my third grade March break. And I’ve never looked back.

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