A chase between predator and prey which upends gender roles and genre trappings in the name of Halloween fun.

Made through the Film NS/CBC TV Bridge Award.

Creative team

Writer/director: Josh MacDonald
Producer: Angus Swantee

Filmmaker’s statement

“Even the title Game is meant to be something of a declaration of purpose. It definitely has meaning within the story, particularly with regards to the hunter/hunted relationship between the characters.

In a wider view it’s meant to imply I was just ‘playing in a sandbox’ here – goofing around with a new set of tools.

After writing a couple of features, I was encouraged by my collaborators to try directing something for the first time.

When producer Angus Swantee approached me to apply for CBC TV & Film Nova Scotia’s Bridge Award, we thought we’d give this particular project a shot.

In the history of the award, Game was a risk as it’s a genre film and because it was front-loaded with ‘woman in peril’ imagery that takes a while to reveal its larger context.

Ultimately, we hoped the pivot in the narrative – into something giddier, goonier, more hyperbolic – would make the movie worth doing.

The assignment I gave myself was to direct a visual piece, as opposed to a verbal piece. I wanted to cram all kinds of directorial wish-fulfillment ideas into a single place, in case I never got to direct again.

That any of it came together is because I was able to surround myself with awesome, hard-working and inspirational people: a cast and crew of my own choosing and ringers whom I truly love and admire. Every one of them saved my ass through this.

Game was inspired by 1950s EC Comics and 1970s Canadian Hinterland public service announcements. We hope you enjoy it, you weirdos.”

About Josh MacDonald

Josh MacDonald

Josh MacDonald is the writer/director of Game and the writer of the feature films The Corridor (IFC Films, D Films) and Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage (eOne).

For The Corridor, Josh won the AMC/Dell Next Wave award for best screenplay at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. The Corridor is now available on Netflix and iTunes, having been selected as one of iTunes’ best of 2012.

Game has won a number of awards and has played at over 60 festivals around the world. It was nominated for best short at Sitges, Spain.

In 2013 Game was chosen as a Vimeo staff pick and featured on Short of the Week.

Josh is the writer of the plays Halo, Whereverville and Degrees, all published by Talon Books.

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