NSI thanks Brandice Vivier for 11 great years


Brandice at Cannes last year

Brandice Vivier, NSI’s senior program manager, is saying goodbye after 11 amazing years at NSI. She’s moving onto a position as development manager with Bell Media and, while we’re thrilled for her new opportunity, we’re also sad to see her go.

“Brandice has done a great job for our organization. As a key driver behind so many of NSI’s courses, she leaves enormous shoes to fill,” said John Gill, CEO of NSI. “We wish her the same kind of success she’s earned and enjoyed here and we look forward to working with her in the future.”

During her time at NSI, Brandice managed many of our courses, including NSI Drama Prize, NSI Global Marketing, Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program (FASP), NSI Pitch to Win, Telefilm’s Spark Plug Program, NSI Totally Television, NSI Lifestyle & Reality Series Producer and NSI Features First.

She’s created and fostered many meaningful relationships with course faculty and participants within the Canadian film and television industry.

NSI associate faculty members Kit Redmond, Sam Linton and Mickey Rogers as well as former NSI CEO Susan Millican have made a particular impact on Brandice’s career and she cites their leadership and confidence for inspiring her to get where she is now.

When Brandice managed NSI Drama Prize, she was thrilled to see 2004 NSI Drama Prize film Noise screen at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand film festival. Equally thrilling was when three of the 2011 NSI Totally Television teams went into development with a broadcaster.

“The best part of this job has been meeting and working with so many talented, creative and fun people. I’ve loved getting to know our course participants. Mentoring and supporting them to package their projects and help them get where they want to go, career-wise, is extremely meaningful to me,” Brandice said. “I’ve made so many friends during my time at NSI and I’m very grateful for that.”

Everyone at NSI thanks Brandice for 11 great years and wishes her the very best on her next adventure.


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