An ethereal dance short about mother earth.

Creative Team

Writer/producer/director: Sepehr Samimi

Filmmaker’s statement

“The inspiration behind the film came from reading ancient Buddhist mythology.

In certain texts, the feminine force of the universe (mother nature/mother goddess) is portrayed as a woman with a thousand hands, standing in the headwaters of the Ganges river.

The motion of her hands is what makes Ganges flow – she is the life force that brings out the material world from the non-existence of a void.

In collaboration with my choreographer Mahaila Patterson, I wanted to explore textures of a timeless divine: she embodies the maternity of creation that rises like tides in the ocean, and dies with echos, and then lives again.

Many thanks to the crew involved who helped create great visuals and who made long hours of working on digital effects in post production enjoyable and fun.

The music composed by Remy Siu is the first film score to feature spectral piano, a new instrument created by Doug Blackley.”

About Sepehr Samimi

Sepehr Samimi is an emerging filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC.

He is currently finishing his studies at Simon Fraser University specializing in experimental film, interdisciplinary work and new media.

Much of his process involves in-depth collaborations with visual artists, composers and choreographers. His credits on several short and indie feature films include cinematography, colour grading and visual effects.

His films have screened at various festivals including the Eugene Intl’ film festival, Montreal World Film Festival and NSI Online Short Film Festival.

He was awarded the SFU VPR Research Award, SFU FCAT Research Fellowship Award and the Archambault Award for Innovation in Film 2013.

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