Après la nuit (After the Night)

After a break-in at her apartment, Emilie ventures back into her memories and sees the event that made her leave her boyfriend. She realizes she may have been wrong.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Guillaume Collin

Filmmaker’s statement

“Painful memories and difficulty dealing with them have been important themes in my latest short films.

These films have explored complicated love relationships that could not move forward because of unsolved problems. Après la nuit deals with breaking and entering and the fragile state of fear and violation it leaves its victims in.

The character tries to connect with her last memory of happiness and realizes that, even at that time, she escaped her relationship because of her fear. Now, she must reconcile with her past in order to move forward.”

About Guillaume Collin

Guillaume Collin

Guillaume Collin is a writer, director and producer.

He is a graduate of Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

He is the co-founder of Arpent Films, has produced many short films and directed the feature film Soft Gun, a road movie financed on Kickstarter and shot in the Southern US. Soft Gun screened at many North American festivals.

He is currently developing new projects and producing a webseries, Shooting the Moon, created by Danielle Lapointe. It will be released in fall 2014.


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