The splendour of the Santo Nino Fiesta portrayed as a metaphor for the cyclical history of the Philippines.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Alexander Cruz

Filmmaker’s statement

Fiesta is a look at the Santo Nino Fiesta in Pandacan in Manila.

Hedonism, tribalism and flashes of colonialism are a constant reminder of the Philippines’ turbulent story.

Beginning with tribal rhythms and enthusiasm, the viewer is swept through the streets with festival-goers, through to an explosive reminder of the tragedy that Manila has endured.

This short is like a mixtape from the subconscious. This fiesta was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in the Philippines.

It’s more alive than a memory. I feel like it never ended. Far from being just fun, it was tragic, exhilarating, disappointing and blissful. That’s why I remember it.”

About Alexander Cruz

Alexander Cruz

Alexander Cruz is a filmmaker and media producer who explores the need to create new meanings out of broken identities, narratives, myths and values.

His work reflects the belief that beneath these surface layers lie the complexities, contradictions and mysteries of what makes us human.

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