State of Evil: Zalel

The sin of gluttony as seen through the lens of contemporary dance.

Creative team

Director: Jonathan Lawley
Producer: Meredith Anderson

Filmmaker’s statement

State of Evil: Zalel is a part of a series of short dance films called State of Evil.

Meredith Anderson, artistic director of MADInception, created this series to explore the seven deadly sins.

Along with my help and that of composer Rab Townsend, Meredith worked to create seven films that each embodied these qualities and told a story of the sins.

Each over-indulgence, twinge of jealousy, thought of vanity, desire for money, passionate escape, unrealized potential and outburst of anger is a demon that lives inside the mind. All people indulge to certain degrees with that part of themselves and give in to the darker parts of their soul.”

About Jonathan Lawley

Jonathan started his training in the arts at a very young age, with contemporary dance being his main focus.

While Jonathan travelled the world with his dance career he always had a camera in hand.

He attributes his style of filming to growing up in rehearsals and filming hours of movement. He tries to bring this artistic style to his commercial work with clients such as McDonalds and Unilever Dove.

Jonathan’s style has ranged from gritty street style to the most delicate ballet films.

One thing holds true: his ability to capture the true essence of dance through the medium of film. Jonathan is quickly becoming a name synonymous with dance films in Canada.

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