The Standoff

Ryan and Cindy have begun to take each other for granted. When tempers flare over a forgotten sandwich, a true showdown emerges where the laundry is left in a heap and the tourtiere is left to rot on the counter.

A humorous look at love, loathing and egg salad sandwiches.

Creative team

Writer: Anne Boulton
Director: John Alden Milne
Producer: Greenboots

Filmmaker’s statement

“A darkly comedic look at a relationship on pause.

We cast the leads knowing they had had a relationship in the past, and although they had moved on by the time the film was shot, they were able to generate truthful rapport.”

About John Alden Milne

John Alden Milne

John Alden Milne brings extensive film production experience in a variety of diverse genres and formats to Greenboots, a production company he owns jointly with screenwriter Anne Boulton.

John has made northern Ontario his home since 2006 and is dedicated to contributing to its thriving film industry.

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