How to Keep Your Day Job

A young women attempts to navigate both her personal and professional lives in a story about survival and empowerment.

Creative team

Writer: Lesley Krueger
Director: Sean Frewer
Producer: Lea Marin

Filmmaker’s statement

“While searching for material upon which to base my next short film, I came across the short story, How to Keep Your Day Job, written by Rebecca Rosenblum. As of page one, I knew I had found it. Rebecca’s unique voice and ability to balance the comedic with the tragic aspects of our personal lives had me completely engaged.

It was that particular approach to the story telling that I was most excited by – to be challenged with presenting what appears to be a very elementary and lighthearted “how-to” on what it takes to survive in the workplace, and evolving it into what could be a mantra for surviving life itself.  [I wanted] to further explore the faces and personas we hide behind in order to survive, and how we can sometimes get lost behind them, sacrificing who we are and what matters most to us along the way.

Although the film is an interpretation of the original short story, I believe it maintains the integrity of its authentic voice – for which I am so grateful to have had a team of collaborators to help bring it to life:  Lesley Krueger, who beautifully adapted the short story; Georgina Reilly, who masterfully delivered an incredibly nuanced performance; Lea Marin, my brilliant and accomplished producer; and the person who connected me with Rebecca and got the ball rolling, our executive producer, Tyler Levine.

About Sean Frewer

Sean Frewer

Sean Frewer has been working creatively in the Canadian film industry for over 15 years.

A graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s 2004 Director’s Lab and 2005 Short Dramatic programs, he has directed and edited award-winning music videos, animation and live-action short films over the course of his career. His earlier short films Trust and Escape screened at festivals around the world.

Sean’s most recent film, How to Keep Your Day Job, screened at the Calgary International Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury, Off Courts Trouville, St. John’s Women’s International Film Festival and was selected by Telefilm to participate in the Not Short on Talent showcase at the 2013 Clermont-Ferrand market in France. Most recently, it was nominated for best short film at the 2013 Director’s Guild of Canada Awards.

Sean is presently in development on two feature films: Through the Looking Glass and Redemption.


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