Two sisters struggle with the recent death of their mother in completely different ways.

Creative team

Writer: Maria Asofiei
Director: Myles Milne
Producer: Jennifer Omas-as

Filmmaker’s statement

Parked is the compelling story of two estranged sisters, Marilyn (Maria Asofiei) and Emily (Victoria DiGiovanni) who are forced to reconnect when their mother passes away.

Marilyn, the older of the two, returns home to stay with her younger sister but has a hard time coping with her overwhelming emotions. Emily attempts to hide her emotions while dealing with her mother’s funeral arrangements without her sister’s help.

Even though they struggle to understand each other’s reactions they are ultimately faced with the realization that they must set aside their differences and begin to depend upon each other.”

About Myles Milne

Myles Milne

Myles Milne has had a passion for film and theatre since he was young. This enthusiasm continued through high school, where he directed numerous high school plays.

Myles continued his pursuits in film and theatre by enrolling in the film and television production program at Humber College. With the new skills and techniques he learned through the program, Myles has directed and produced multiple original short films that have been accepted into festivals.

Graduating with honours and specializing in directing, cinematography and editing, Myles knows how to communicate with actors, to beautifully capture and tell a story.


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