A Hair on Your Heart

Friends Mike and Erin want to figure out the cause of their unusual heartbeat and find a science journal that tells them everything they need to know.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Young Cho

Filmmaker’s statement

“People nowadays are obsessed with the truthfulness of everything and discovering the core of every phenomenon. We often ignore the significance of the phenomenon itself.

Like love, scientific verification is maybe less important than perception: ‘is the love I am feeling really LOVE,’ is the happiness I am feeling really HAPPINESS,’ or, more generally ‘is the reality I’m in REAL?’

Instead, maybe we should listen more to what’s happening in the mind.

Using the genre of romantic comedy, A Hair on Your Heart looks at the reality of love.”

About Young Cho

Young Cho

Young majored in microbiology in university and has worked for a pharmaceutical company as a microbiological analyst.

After he immigrated to Canada, he steered his interest toward film which he sees as a form of visual chat.

He finished the film production program at Simon Fraser University in 2012. A Hair on Your Heart is his graduation film. It’s been accepted at many festivals and was awarded second place in the narrative category at Moving Media film festival in Detroit.

Young has since been writing various scripts including web series, shorts and features. His first web series will be released in summer 2014.

He has begun a production company and mentors fledgling directors and writers.

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