One More Night

We all have that one person that we can’t get over, can’t get out of our minds. If you could have one last night with them, would you?

Creative team

Writer: Thomas McKechnie
Director/producer: Jeff Woodward

Filmmaker’s statement

One More Night is my first film as a director.

The goal was simply to work with the great script and my actors to try and make the characters real and just live in those intimate moments with them.

I’m thrilled with the performances we captured.”

About Jeff Woodward

Jeff is an actor and filmmaker based in Edmonton.

You can find him most days creating commercials and other bits of film for Citytv.

A graduate of the Red Deer College motion picture arts program, Jeff has acted in the feature films The Bike Heist (2011) and Tumaini (2010) as well as numerous short films, commercials and plays.

Jeff is working to change his corner of the world with pictures, sound and story and he doesn’t think that’s too ambitious at all. In fact, he thinks it’s the least we can do.

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