Pour Michel (For Michel)

Martin and Karine, siblings who’ve grown distant, are given the task of emptying the house of their recently deceased father. For Martin, this quickly becomes a reunion with a man who he never understood and an emotionally unstable woman.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kevin Landry
Producer: Sandrine Berger

Filmmaker’s statement

“I’ve been working on this movie for four years but it’s been brewing inside me for 10.

The story is very personal as it’s heavily based on the rocky relationships I’ve had both with my father, who passed away in 2004, and my sister.”

About Kevin Landry

Kevin Landry

Kevin Landry is a Montreal-based filmmaker who specializes in short films and web content.

Since 2010, he has written and directed several award-winning shorts that have screened in 27 different countries.

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